Here’s another listing that includes Ms. Rachel!

This post is interesting to me. Because I feel like often Rachel Alexandra is getting lost int he sands of time, but this poster has her up there with American Pharoah! Made my day!


Here’s the key part…

If you limit me to the choice of Accelerate and Justify I would vote for Accelerate. The question is, ‘what is the criteria?’ We look at things from a figure point of view, and there is difference between looking at ability versus accomplishment. We measure ability, not accomplishment. Justify was a good 3-year-old, but he wasn’t close to some of the top 3-year-olds of the last 15 years, like Rachel Alexandra, American Pharoah, Smarty Jones. Accelerate was a good, solid older horse and on figures he was far superior to Justify

Sing it, sister!!

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